Baking Classes via Blog?

My blog... is boring! lol My excuses... I never bought into the blog craze so I currently have no experience and 2. I don't usually have time to sit down and write a note to myself let alone a blog entry. Let's try to remedy these things as it seems blogs are now kinda important for businesses. Ideas?

Baking Classes? I could break down recipes like every other food/baking related blog.


I can blog about and bake old and lost/regional recipes, which is what I love to do anyway. This might be more interesting. Who wants to read another post about Red Velvet Cupcakes or Cupcakes for that matter? That fad really needs to come to an end already. Yup. Hatin on the cupcake, don't get me wrong, I make THE BEST Cupcakes in NYC, but I'm pretty tired of all the hoopla, aren't you? Let's get to some real baking and real desserts from far away places and times long ago. 

My trip to Aruba

My trip to Aruba

Aruban Desserts? Is that how it goes? Know of any? What's your fav? Let's do some research...