Baking Class with Ava & Maggie

I arrived early today to teach a class on Cake Pops, Brownies, and Cookies to two lovely ladies, Ava, and Maggie. They're visiting from Indiana, and how cool are their folks to sign them up for a class while they took in food and sight seeing in the big apple.  

Maggie Lindsey, Daniellan Louie, Ava Lowry @ Ivy Bakery

Maggie Lindsey, Daniellan Louie, Ava Lowry @ Ivy Bakery

I teach quite a bit of classes, privately, on-site, off-site, groups, individuals, and even across the country. I'm sometimes amazed at myself at how much I do know about baking from all the years of trial and error. It's not until the middle of a class that I realize this. It's pretty cool. 

We had a very successful class today and I think the girls enjoyed themselves as well as all the chocolate they were working with. I'd really like to do more off-site classes so I'm going to start pushing this. I recently launched "at home baking sessions" on the site and want to tell the world that I will now come to your home, use your equipment, and show you how to bake. 

This is sort of a fun challenge for me as well as a way for people to learn how to use their kitchen for baking without a million gadgets and tools.  

If you know of anyone interested in this for private classes or group celebrations please send them my info. I'd really appreciate it. 

Let's look to more classes and possibly some videos on baking for my youtube channel. I haven't worked on it in a while but do take a look at some old videos of my hand drawn cake designs and other fun things. YOU TUBE ME.