Sun, Sand, and the Website.

Ivy Bakery goes West! Sugar and Sand! We're expanding west, starting with the local farmer's market here in Bullhead City, AZ. Once we conquer this town, our sights will be on sin city, yup, Vegas! We're just over an hour away from Vegas and minutes from the border of Southern California. It's beautiful here, the sun is hot, the people are nice, and no one knows what a Butter Gooey is, muahahaha. 


What about New York? No worries! Ivy Bakery is still baking delicious Gooeys, Tres Leches, and Buttermilk Pie for all. How? I've finally cloned myself. :) 

I'm revamping the Menu section, a few other pages, as well as updating information. Please excuse me for any pages that may not look fully complete at the moment. Do browse around though and take a look at the changes. You'll soon be able to order directly from the site, yah!

See you soon!