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For over 15 years, Ivy Bakery has been producing baked goods made from scratch with real ingredients. 
Specializing in regional and historical desserts with options for Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, and Paleo.


*****Classes are currently only available in Arizona. We hope to offer NYC classes again in the future. 

Classes are by appointment and can be booked for a one-on-one private lesson or a group class (up to 5). If you are looking to take a decorating class that does not involve any baking, we can accomodate 12-15 in a group. As we work on building a new kitchen for classes, all sessions will be off-site - which means you can hold a class in your own home or a venue. We will work with you to make sure you have all the tools and materials needed for your class. Sometimes all it takes is a bowl and a spoon. You can also take advantage of our Skype Classes and learn from anywhere in the world. 

All classes are held with baker/owner, Daniellan Louie. Daniellan has been baking professionally for the last 15 years. She has taught local and international bakers, interns/graduates from top culinary schools and very proud to have worked with MasterChef Junior, Alexander Weiss :)

Classes are casual, fun, informative and completely hands on. You will do all the baking, materials can be included or you can provide your own. 
*Please note that every home oven is different, and while we can make adjustments while class is in session, there is always the chance that an uncalibrated or difficult oven may cause poor baking results.

Class topics include but are not limited to: 

Muffins   |   Cakes   |   Decorated Cookies   |   Cheesecake   |   Quick Breads   |   Cake Balls/Pops
Bars   |   Pastries   |   Sweet Rolls   |   Cupcakes   |   Brownies   |   Macaroons   |   Coffee Cake
Confections   |   Blondies   |   Pies   |   Scones   |   Cookies   |   Custards   |   Cobblers   |   Casseroles

Rates for Adults and Children

Decorating Only $65/hr
Baking $210 per class (2 hrs)

3 Classes $630 + 1 Free
1 Course (5 Classes + 2 Free) $1,050
Full Series (17 Classes + 3 Free) $3,570

Decorating Only $45/hr
Baking $160 per class (2 hrs)

(tools and materials are not provided)
Baking $110 per class (2 hrs)

Transportation fee is not included in pricing and will vary depending on address.

*****for a limited time, all basic 2 hr classes are $45/per person in Arizona (materials not included)*****

Classes must be Pre-Paid via Credit Card | No refunds, limit 1 reschedule | Gift Certificates Available
For questions or to check available dates and times please send us an e-mail to mail@ivybakery.com


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