Customer Testimonials

"Everything was perfect!! Thank you so much!! Everyone was raving about the Tres Leches cups - those were a huge hit. The cake was absolutely beautiful and delicious. We will recommend you to everyone we know, so I hope you're ready for an influx of business."
Alison - New York, NY

"I'm just writing to thank you for making a delicious cake for my princess cake. Everyone loved the cake. Swedes as well as non-swedes. Thank you!
Nicolina -  New York, NY

"Again, you've outdone yourself and I've never seen a cake here get completely eaten before. Even the girls who never eat cake or just want a sliver not only ate but had seconds. Thanks!"
Beth - Turner Broadcasting - New York, NY

"It was delicious!!! Nobody could stay away from the Strawberry Shortcake. It lasted 3 hours."
Stephanie R - Port Washington, NY

"The cookies are delicious! My fiance loves the Oatmeal Butterscotch. I took a bunch to work today and they were a big success."
Marianne M - New York, NY

"Thank you so much for the delicious treats! They were such a hit with the Glamour staff. Not a crumb left."
Sharon B - Glamour Magazine - New York, NY

"The Banana Chocolate Mousse Cake was amazing! I'm dreaming about it right now. Everyone enjoyed it. Thank you!"
Shay F - Saatchi & Saatchi - New York, NY

"I love Ivy Bakery!!!"
Patience - New York, NY

"Thanks! The [dairy-egg-free] cake was really yummy! I appreciate it. Birthday boy liked the cake too."
Daniella - Mohave County, AZ

"Ok seriously, your brownies are like crack, so damn addictive. My friend freakin flipped, she loved them. That's what made me try them, you really do have a quality product."
Mike M - Bronx, NY

"I can honestly say these were the best brownies I've ever had! I'm definitely ordering more. Thanks."
Jenni K - New York, NY

"I'm proud to say I ate a whole box of Snickerdoodles!!!"
Christopher H - New York, NY

"My folks and I LOVED your Banana Nut Bread, and the brownies were ultra rich and fudgy. It was so nice to meet you yesterday and enjoy your wonderful food. I hope to continue enjoying your success as a baker and wish you lots of luck and happiness."
Christopher - Brooklyn, NY

"My colleagues and I LOVED your stuff! We couldn't stop eating it!"
Melissa W - Oh So Fabulous - New York, NY

"The whole office regaled on the Chocolate Brownies and the Snickerdoodles which allowed me to skip lunch."
Julie S - iProbe Multilingual Solutions, Inc. - New York, NY

"Our Mom loved the Truffles, Grandma loved them, and our Aunt was trying to make sure she had one of each kind."
Adriana - Providence, RI

"I am the HIT of the office, I LOVED the cheesecake. I'm a sucker for a good cheesecake. The brownies were delish! I loved the Scones, they were light and moist, so much better than the usual scone tasting like day old bread."
Andi A - National Time - New York, NY

"Young lady... I must tell you... you have golden hands and the pie was magnificent... among the best I have ever had... you really do have a devoted fan here."
Igor - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

"Thanks, they were delicious! My class LOVED your goodies. Your gluten free cupcakes are incredible!"
Brian B - New York, NY

"I asked for a very specific cupcake design for my shower -a Christian Louboutin stiletto to be drawn on each cupcake. Daniellan went above and beyond to create the perfect rendering. The cupcakes looked amazing and tasted even better! EVERYONE RAVED about them, Ivy Bakery is truly the best. I will be back for my next party for sure!"
Amber S - Brooklyn, NY

"The Zelda Cake was a big hit, everyone took a bunch of pictures and it was delicious! With ten people we ate more than half of it, and Andres and I have been having a piece almost every night since. Thanks!
Steven C - Brooklyn, NY

"Thanks! Everyone raved about the cupcakes!"
Kate K - Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you so much. The cake came out beautiful. The mother to be cried!"
Jacina Q - New York, NY

"The cupcakes were definitely the highlight of the night! I scolded people when they said they took 3 or more, but what can you do if they were so popular?"
Yvonne L - New York, NY

"My name is Krissy Rincon. My two friends, Jamal Gones, Doug Cala, and I, happened to by wondrous fate stumble upon Ivy Bakery at 1 in the morning last Saturday. We couldn't have asked for a better, more whimsical, magical place to find just at the final brink of our exhaustion after walking around for a long time in the drizzling rain and wind to find a warm, cozy, delicious place to settle and enjoy one another's company for a while.

We tried both the Banana Caramel Cheesecake and the Buttermilk Pie, which I must say, coming from a pastry arts and baking background myself, I can't honestly say the last time I have tasted a sweet which was so absolutely authentic and unique in flavor, presentation, and density. We were all absolutely blown away not only by the immensely profound flavors dancing around in our mouths, but also by the fabulous atmosphere, which was cool, collected, inspired - and by your wonderful hospitality toward your new patrons. It's rare to find this type of thing, believe it or not.

It happens that we're all really touched by our experience. We are going to start bringing lots of friends over! Everybody deserves to know about Ivy Bakery & Lounge! We were especially blown away by the Irish Potato Candies - YUM!"
Krissy  R - New York, NY




"I picked up cupcakes for work this morning and an hour after I got to work they were all gone. Everyone raved about them, how good and fresh they were. People fought over the last one! Job well done!"
Julia - Brooklyn, NY

"The cake was incredibly delicious. it was very moist with the right balance of chocolate, cream and strawberry, and so pretty. Everyone was going on between bites about the yum factor, and believe me, we've had plenty of samples of other cakes around here."
Sharon - Palladium - New York, NY

"We need to find a way to include your culinary talents in ALL our parties! Your cake was a huge... I mean huge hit with the crowd. Thanks so much!"
Peter - New York, NY

"Your cookies were an absolute hit with the soldiers and family members of the 133rd Quartermaster upon their return home after a year long deployment from Iraq. Seconds and thirds were taken and many smiles resulted! Your commitment to enduring our Troops were well taken care of touched many and we will all sing you praises. Thank you for your generous donation."
Meghan C - USO - Brooklyn, NY

"OMG, thank you so much, unbelievable... sooo delicious. The director said it was better than crack. You rock the biggest, you are the angel behind the cake!"
ReW - ReW and Who? Web Show - New York, NY

"You're awesome! I had no idea you have to do those by hand, they looked perfect! Every doctor's office that I've been to has said they've never seen anything like them."
Chris - New York, NY

"The cupcakes for my husband were delicious."
Ana - New York, NY

"It was fabulous! Truly, it was delicious and a big hit with my partner."
John - CIBC World Markets - New York, NY

"I just wanted to let you know that it was a HUGE success! Everyone is raving about the cookies and brownies. Everything was gone in 5 minutes."
Kelly - New York, NY

"Your Macadamia White Chip Brownies are awesome and the Truffle Brownies are rich in chocolatey goodness."
Allen K - Signed Pieces - New York, NY

"Everyone loved your treats at the BBQ. It was so funny, people were walking around with the brownies and cookies and would come up to me and say: Oh my god Fred, you have to taste this brownie, it's so good! and I said: Yeah, I know it's good, because I brought them."
Fred Bates - New Jersey

"Thanks for baking the delicious cake last night. It was totally amazing. You have a real gift!!!"
William Li - New York, NY

"The Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and the Banana Walnut Bread [w/ Splenda] were delicious. We will definitely order more things from you in the future!"
Lilly - Brentwood, NY

"I offered some to my mom, but she said she didn't like brownies with chocolate chips on them. I walk away for a couple of minutes and they're almost half gone. I'd say that's a damn good brownie! I'm just glad I came back before they were completely gone."
Anthony P - Westchester, NY

"Everyone at work dived in, they loved it. My favorite were the Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies. I had to hide them from everyone to stop them from eating them all. I think I put on 15 lbs on Friday eating cookies all day. Thanks! Your business can't fail with products as tasty as these."
David - New York, NY

Billy C - Great Neck, NY

"Just wanted to thank you for the delicious cake. It was very highly praised. We had quite a bit left over, but people didn't mind taking home the extra!"
Nancy P - Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you for making the most delicious cake we have ever eaten. They were so moist and so light and no one at the party could believe that they were dairy free. My son and my nephew were thrilled to be able to have their own "real" birthday cakes. Thank you for being so gracious and for catering to all my special allergen free requests."
Angela B - Brooklyn, NY

"The cupcakes were a hit -- they looked gorgeous, just like the photos. Everyone was raving about them, especially the strawberry flavor. They arrived on time and in fine condition. Thank you again for all your help and professional communication, that made things go smoothly with the nervous bride. Ivy rocks!"
Sonoko - Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you! Best Apple Pie I ever had!"
Andrew M - Brooklyn, NY

"I got my cookies and they are fabulous. My picky little boy even loves them especially the chocolate chips. Thanks again, they're so tasty!"
Estee T - Youngstown, OH

"Thank you so much for your cupcakes! They were a raging success."
Sabrina C - New York, NY

"I want to thank you for your generous donation to our Relay for Life Bake Sale. All I have to say is oh my God! People were literally fighting over the last coconut green tea cupcake! They were that amazing! I really appreciate that your bakery could help us out with our event. I had so many people come and f ind me after Spring Break and ask me where those cupcakes were from. My roommate and I look forward to visiting your bakery very soon. Thanks again for everything!"
Liliana R - New York, NY

"You did it again - everyone, EVERYONE asked where this delicious cake came from. The chocolate cake (the cake itself) was so moist and so chocolatey delicious. The chocolate whipped cream filling and frosting made everyone oooo and aaaahhhh. The retiring person gladly took home the three pieces left) left only because we squared them away early on). Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. You're the best baker, Daniellan! That's a fact! Many many thanks!"
Sally G - New York, NY

"The cake for my daughter's birthday was amazing. All my friends couldn't believe how good it was and that it was Gluten Free and Dairy Free. It was really good! Thanks!"
Joel F - Brooklyn, NY

"I just wanted to thank you VERY much for your SPECTACULAR poker cake you designed for my fiancee. It exceeded my expectations and tasted just as good as it looked!"
Sidnie - New York, NY

"The drawing was masterfully done and the cake itself was so spongy and moist that it was the hit of the party! I really loved the Yoda cake."
Luke - New York, NY

"Thank you so much for all your help in organizing a basket of cookies for my friend. You were extremely helpful and even though I am in the UK, it was a seamless transaction. The cookies were a big hit."
Joanna - UK

"We stopped by today for a couple of salads, your corn chowder, and cranberry bark. I can say unequivocally your food is fantastic. You impressed me in particular, with your heart and soul and how it projected into your baking."
Igor - Brooklyn, NY

"Your brownies are freakin awesome! I have to try your carrot cake!"
Tanya - Staten Island, NY

"Thank you so much for your delivery on Thursday. My office absolutely loved the cookies and brownies."
Elana - Mount Sinai Hospital - New York, NY

"I just had your brownies and Snickerdoodles, they taste delicious. You weren't exaggerating about your double chocolate brownies!"
Hazel S - New York, NY

"Your brownies are a chocolate-lovers dream come true!!! Super-rich and chewy!"
Erica - New York, NY

"The brownies and the Snickerdoodles were fabulous! You will definitely hear from me again! Much luck to you!"
Beatriz V - New York, NY

"Thank you! It was just lovely... I love the frosting."
Kristiana G - Queens, NY

"You get a 13 out of 10, everyone at my house loved the cheesecake."
Johnny - New Jersey

"OMG, the brownies were so good! Brought them to the bar last night and everyone fought over them."
Phil - Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you so much for the wonderful assortment of cookies. They flew out of the office! Everyone loved them."
Devin Winter - New York, NY

"I had to beat people with a stick to back up, it was sooooo sweet... some one left with my receipt and menu. I'm going to need another order. Great cake! Loved it to death, a little upset I couldn't take any home with me."
Lidia - Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you so much for baking a fantastic Tres Leches Cake with Strawberries. It was a bit hit!!! I truly appreciate you being so creative and accommodating with my request. I will definitely be back to try and order other tasty treats. I will also make sure to recommend your bakery to my friends and colleagues. It was so nice to meet you!
Blair - New York, NY

"Your truffles lasted about 30 seconds."
Jorge H - New York, NY

"The cupcakes from the baby shower were delicious and thanks for setting them up in the room so artistically. My favorite was the light and creamy Tiramisu Cupcake... wow!"
Judie G - Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you for making a wonderful cake for my daughter. It was tradition in my family that the birthday baby get their own cake on their first birthday. I have no cooking/baking skills so I was very worried that I would not be able to get a cake for my daughter because she has so many allergies. I am so happy that there is a bakery that can accommodate people/children with allergies.I will be recommending you highly! The cake was the talk of the party, every adult had a little taste and we were all very impressed. Who knew a Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Egg, Milk Free cake could taste good!"
Tara C - Brooklyn, NY

"The brownies were absolutely great and delicious! Everyone gobbled them up! Thank you so much for everything."
Carla S - Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you again for the amazing Black Forest Cake. My brother absolutely loved it! It tasted delicious and so fresh. Just out of the oven yummy. I'm not usually a big fan because I don't love cream but I gobbled up a slice too. Looking forward to the next dessert!"
Lisa D - Brooklyn, NY

"Last week's cake was SO DELICIOUS. Our team agreed that we think it is the best yet from Ivy (and believe me, that is saying something - we love everything you bake). It was incredibly moist, with just the right amount of icing and filling. So amazingly good. Thank you once again."
Sharon K - New York, NY

"The cake was so good, and the picture came out great too. Everyone enjoyed it and went home with leftovers... thanks again."
Karen H - New York, NY

"I heard SO many people talking about your cupcake table that night - they loved it!"
Cortney S - New York, NY

"Excellent craft, best of luck."
Scott S - New York, NY

"Thanks again for the BEST chocolate cake I ever had in my life (Noreen concurs). We have the last piece to eat tonight and I am looking forward to it. Dangerous stuff! Also thanks for always being there over the years. The cake was a huge success this afternoon. So many raves. And many asking where the "so fresh" and "delicious" cake came from. People would ask for a sliver, and then return for a heftier piece. The mom-to-be (guest of honor) very happily took home the remainder. We're all quite sure she is NOT really sharing with her husband."
Sam - New York, NY

"They were really delicious. Everyone enjoyed them especially the Tiramisu and Oreo Cupcakes."
Mahsa J - New York, NY

"Thank you very much for the fun and informative lesson. I had a great time learning about the french macaroons and the rainbow cookies. They were also very tasty!" My Macaroons turned out great here in Canada and looked awesome with some Easter colors."
Alexander W - New York, NY

"I wanted to let you know that everyone thought the cake tasted amazing. I gave your business cards to the friends and family that we have that are local in your area. I do not know how often you are in Arizona but everyone thought the cake was amazing and that your decorating was absolutely incredible. I haven't seen a cake that well done. You did an amazing job and I thank you for being able to get everything done in a pinch. If we are ever back in the area and need a cake we will definitely come to you."
Amber - Southern California

"Thank you SO much. There were so many compliments received from our clients. Not only that, you did it at last second notice! Thanks for everything."
Jeff - Accountable - New York, NY

"Just wanted to thank you for the extra cookies you gave on Friday and let you know that your cookies were a HIT. I gave several people your website, they all wanted to steal your cookies to take home. Thanks again."
Rebecca - Marvel Comics - New York, NY

"My wife was not going to have a piece at first, but she sampled a sliver and hasn't shut up since. By far the best carrot cake I have had. I am comparing it to my old #1, located uptown on Broadway, they were in Zagat as having the best in the city, your cake beats that one easily."
K.P. - New York, NY

"This is the second time I've ordered a cake from you, and they are always AMAZING! Today's Devil Food Cake was so insanely good. The entire office was raving about it, and it was gone in 15 minutes. You must love your work, because you put so much care and quality into your products and it's greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work."
Ayana Sanchez - New York, NY

"I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that the cake was a hit! My nephew loved it and then all the adults loved how delicious it was. Thanks again!"
Maria Freda - New York, NY

"The cupcakes you made were some of the best I have ever had. Thank you!"
Karen B - New York, NY

"Everyone was impressed with it! And it was nice that Dave got to east some of his own cake since he can't eat dairy. Thanks!"
Beth C - New York, NY

"The cake was perfect!"
Karen - Trenwith - New York, NY

"Everyone loved the cupcakes, seriously people couldn't stop eating/talking about them. Thank you, they looked wonderful and tasted even better!"
Regina - Men's Vogue - New York, NY

"The best Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookies I've ever had and the family loved the Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies."
Jared F - Brooklyn, NY

"The cake was fabulous even the non-cake eaters wanted more, thanks again."
Desiree - New York, NY

"Fantastic Cheesecake. I like the strawberries in it, you can actually taste the bits. I almost with I didn't cut such a small slice. Mmm... good stuff, on a scale of one to ten... it's like... a million."
James C - New York, NY

"Brownies were so good. They did not make it to the baby shower."
Wendy J - New York, NY

"This is the best pumpkin dessert I've ever had! The crust is unbelievable."
Rob Casalaina - New Jersey

"You give brownies an entirely new definition! Those brownies were amazing. And I only had a smidgeon of the lemon cake, but that smidge was pretty amazing. Thanks so much... they were wonderful!
Lisa H - New York, NY

"They were sensational and delicious. The ones you made for me are still so moist! Usually when I get any baked goods they start drying out after a day, and that's if I'm lucky. Your brownies stayed moist and soft, that's amazing."
Ryan M - Marine Park, NY

"I wanted to let you know that everyone LOVED your cookies! There were NONE left!
Jill - New York, NY

"The cookies were a huge hit with the client and they really tasted delicious."
Christina F - Martha Stewart - New York, NY

"The cookies were delicious. There were several dessert options at the party... but no cookie leftovers!"
Elise - Conde Nast - New York, NY

"Just to let you know, the cake was a BIG hit! Thanks so much!
Daniella S - New York, NY

"Many thanks, I had a message from her this afternoon and they were absolutely thrilled! The very best cupcake they have ever tasted by far apparently. Thank you so much."
Leonie H - UK

"Cake went over well, I got a lot of questions about where I got the cake."
Thomas P - New York, NY

"I just want to say the pies are absolutely PERFECT and I appreciate all of your help! They're exactly what we were looking for and couldn't be happier. Thanks again and I will absolutely use your services in the future!"
Deanna K - New York, NY

"Best cake we've ever had, thank you."
Jerry - Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you for such a magnificent birthday! The crinkles, apple bars and especially the cheesecake were fantastic!"
Jim M - New York, NY

"Thank you so much for the cupcakes! The drawings came out perfect. Thanks again!"
Michelle W - New York, NY

"Thanks for such great work, the extra macaroons and your birthday note, Daniellan! The macaroons are magnificent, as are the Chocolate Crinkles."
Jim M - New York, NY

"I just wanted to let you know everything went great yesterday! The cake looked great and tasted fabulous! So many people asked me where it was from and I happily told them about your shop. If I ever need a cake again I'm coming to you! Thanks so much!"
Brooke H - New York, NY

"The cake was a success with the birthday girl and the guests! Thank you so much! We were very pleased. I will gladly refer your bakery anytime."
Imelda S - New York, NY