Bakery Lockdowns have been temporarily paused until we find our new space. In the mean time you can inquire about throwing a Lockdown at your own place or for a corporate event. Call 347-598-3452

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What's a Bakery Lockdown? Grab your friends or come alone, for $20 (+tax) eat as many sweets as you want for 6 hours! No, this is not a buffet or a gross binge fest until you're sick, but a social and fun event where the objectives are to meet new people, listen to great music (sometimes live performances), take a taste tour of the day's menu, and get yourself into a serious game of Chess, Monopoly or one of our other vintage board games. 

Rule #1 Once you enter the Lockdown you may not leave unless you want to stop eating. We do not provide restrooms so tinkle before you arrive.

Rule #2 You may only choose 1 item at a time, finish it completely, before you move on to the next. Wax papers, plates, forks, cups must be returned to us to show you have finished your item. You don't have to finish it by yourself though, you may share, but ONLY with someone else that is taking part in the Lockdown.

Other important bits...
-Lockdown is Cash Only.
-Beverages and Savory items are NOT included.
-Do introduce yourself to other participants, share some sweets, and play a game.

I WANT IN! When is the next Bakery Lockdown?
Lockdowns are held the 2nd Saturday of every month! from 8PM-2AM you can come in any time between those hours and participate however first come first serve.

What if I don't want to do the Lockdown, can I still come in for sweets and coffee?
Yes, you most definitely can, it's still a regular Saturday at the shop, just with the addition of the Lockdown. 

Can I book a private Bakery Lockdown for a celebration?
Yes, there is a 15 person minimum, 2 hour maximum. Additional time at $110/hr. 
Desserts Only $20
Desserts & Beverages $28
Desserts, Beverage & Savory $38

(tax and tip are not included in the price)