Welcome to our Paleo section!

I've compiled some of my favorite Paleo treats into one section that I hope will make it easier for you to browse, however please still take a look at our 'custom menu' for more ideas! For a custom creation or to place an order for Paleo items please allow 4-5 day notice as I source many of our ingredients online. Not within our delivery area? We now ship select Paleo treats! For mail-order, we bake and ship on the following Monday to help prevent packages from sitting on delivery vehicles over the weekend. We're working on a shipping calculator for the site, in the mean time, give me a ring and we can put together your order and shipping cost. 

If you live a Paleo lifestyle, know someone that does, or just starting, you'll quickly learn that we all eat differently based on what our body needs. Some of us may consume copious amounts of animal fat, some opt for lean, others may approve of coconut sugar, and others will never touch it. I'm not here to police what is Paleo "approved" but I will provide you with what I stock in my Paleo pantry. Make the best decisions for your body and keep in mind moderation, for any lifestyle you choose.

Ingredients I work with: (organic, raw, and or grass-fed) nut flours, nut butters, tapioca, sweet potato flour, arrowroot, coconut (oil, milk, sugar, flour) maple syrup, unfiltered honey, blackstrap molasses, baking soda, pure vanilla, cacao, spices, sulphur-free dried fruit, eggs, tallow, lard, butter, sheep dairy. If you're interested in the ingredients of a specific product, feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail. 

Now on to the menu!
-visit often as I'm always adding new creations-

Coming soon...

'Pao de Queijo' Brazilian Cheese Bread
Handmade Egg Pasta
Coconut Macaroons
Blueberry Muffins
Almond Butter Meltaways
Almond Butter Cups
Chewy Coconut Cups
Lemon Bars
Granola Bars
Loose Granola
Pumpkin Pie
Avocado Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Coconut Custard Pie
Sweet Potato Pie