We believe in homemade sweets from scratch, the way our grandparents used to make them. Always with fresh ingredients, preferably local, in small batches, and most importantly, made to be eaten immediately. That means nothing sits around for days or weeks, no preservatives or additives and no large machines doing all the work that two loving hands do best. When ordering, feel good knowing your sweets, depending on what they are, are made 1-3 hours before pick-up/delivery. There are some exceptions such as hand decorated cookies which require 48-hour drying time and rainbow cookies or Irish potato candy which are best when aged for 3-4 days. 

An experience with Ivy Bakery is a journey back home, when things were less complicated, less processed, and just tasted real and good. We accommodate all types of lifestyles, including Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Egg-Free, Vegan, and Paleo. Let us know what you do and do not want in your baked goods and we will try our best to meet those requests by sourcing ingredients for you, or using ingredients supplied by you. 

At Ivy Bakery, you always have direct contact with the baker, including her personal line for questions and ordering. We're always up for new creations and encourage new flavor suggestions as well as researching childhood or cultural sweets to bring back to life. 

Daniellan Louie - Photo by Jonathan Meter

Daniellan Louie - Photo by Jonathan Meter


2001 - It was Spring, and Daniellan's senior year of High School. Her independent study exit project for graduation- to create her dream restaurant. This included a business plan, building design, budget, menu, and a final presentation consisting of cooked entrees and dessert. The food was excellent but the sweets were the real hit, so much that her friends wanted a constant supply of them. At this time, Daniellan was more of a cook than a baker. After dozens of disappointing batches, trial and error, she perfected a few items that would soon become her specialty and the birth of DSweets (now Ivy Bakery). She put together a basic website with two items to sell. With no expectations, she passed the site around to family, friends, and co-workers. One order became two, then ten, and she soon found herself adding more items to the menu, growing it to the current six hundred plus. With a tiny, minimally equipped kitchen and an oven door that never closed completely, she honed her craft, creating a large assortment of classic and inventive baked goods.

2002 - Ready to take the next step, Daniellan moved her production to a commercial kitchen in Long Island City. Her days consisted of deliveries, school and work, her nights, taking the subway with a backpack full of ingredients and tools to bake orders. She continued this for the next three years while attending college full-time and working in advertising. She graduated with a BPS in Hospitality Management.

2006 - A relaunch with a new name - Ivy Bakery, and a massive six month freebie campaign that involved visiting hundreds of offices in NYC with sample boxes and handing out free samples on the streets of Manhattan.

2007 - April showers bring brick-and-mortar. A new chapter for Daniellan, her first store front in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Operated by herself, 300 sq. ft of sweetness for the next 5 years.

2011 - A year in the making with many trials and tears, Ivy Bakery's second location opened in SoHo, Manhattan. The new 1000 sq. ft shop was custom built with Daniellan's dream kitchen. The decor- rustic and homey, a menu of sweet and savory foods, open until 2AM for those looking for late night eats, board games, all-you-can-eat desserts, baking classes, and live music. 

2014 - The week of Valentine's Day we were given the bad news that we had to depart our beautiful SoHo space. We threw a big farewell party, had our last live performances, packed up and headed out. But never fear, Ivy is forever, even in the hardest conditions, it still grows. 8 months later, we were back with a pop-up location in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We partnered up with Root Hill Cafe to offer delicious treats and great coffee, revamping our business model to focus solely on custom catering, parties, special events, and baking classes. 

2015 - Ivy Bakery expands west! That's right, we're now in two places at the same time! Our home base in NYC continues to provide delicious custom desserts for all occasions. Our second home in Arizona is minutes away from Southern California and Nevada which opens up services to the Tri-State area and Las Vegas. 

2018 - Ever changing, we say farewell to local deliveries in NYC, at least for now. Our focus has turned towards Arizona, Southern California, and Las Vegas. Our main services now consist of weddings, corporate events, festivals, and those looking for bespoke recipes to accommodate their dietary needs. We also offer on-site setup for weddings and events across the country, essentially making us a traveling bakery. Future plans include mail-order services in 2019 for nationwide ordering.